Expand your knowledge, and your reach

Powerful Source of Knowledge

The NABR has strong resources throughout the country.  Whether it’s being a part of an executive peer discussion group, reading the affiliated business publication Corp! Magazine, or obtaining data from  surveys, the NABR as a go to resource for executives.    NABR is known for inspiring webinars, training, speakers, and conferences to not only share what you need to know but how to use this powerful knowledge to inspire critical thinking and actions within your business.

Resources are designed for Executives, Human Resource Leaders and their employees.  Thousands of best practices are shared throughout the year with access to experts that have implemented them to ask questions and learn specifics details.  Many Best Practices guides and resources are published throughout the year to inspire greatness in the NABR community of executives and leaders.

Identify and Honor Excellence

The NABR is well known for its awards and honors such as The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For™ program.  NABR sets industry standards and the bar of excellence.  By honoring companies that are excelling and leading the way, it is our job to share this knowledge with others and keep raising the bar of performance for constant corporate growth.  The NABR has identified companies Igniting Greatness in every state and various excellence competitions.

Tools, Resources, Support and Solutions

Many members of the NABR participate in employee engagement surveys, corporate surveys and other assessments to obtain data on their performance compared to other organizations.  In addition, the association leverages its vast resources to vet out programs and solutions that are innovative.  These include endorsements of resources or tools that make business stronger.

The NABR has over 15 regional Boards of Advisors across the United States that help shape resources and tools that are impactful and relevant.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NABR launched a series of town halls, virtual discussion groups, resource guides, a policies practices and procedures newsletter and weekly webinars to help businesses flourish during tough economic times.

In June of 2020, a series of educational resources and a platform for dialogue on how to navigate Racial Justice within your companies which includes tangible actions you can take to learn more about this sensitive topic and how it affects your business.