Imagine, having the freedom of choice to select health insurance coverage that’s right for you and your employees!

Thanks to a new federal ruling (enabling ICHRAs) employers of any size can now create the perfect health benefit package.

What is an ICHRA?

An ICHRA is an Individual Health Coverage Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) that allows an employer to pay a portion of an individual health insurance premium and provide employees the opportunity to select from available individual health plans provided in their area. This gives employees the freedom of choice to choose whatever plan is right for them and their health care needs.

Benefits of ICHRA

Employers contribute a pre-tax allowance that employees use to help pay for a monthly plan premium they have selected. Employees can easily shop, compare and choose from all available individual health plans* from inside the simple, secure Trovia™ insurance marketplace. Like other group health plans, employee contributions are payroll deducted on a pre-tax basis.


Employers can confidently set their health plan budget year after year, while providing employees coverage no matter what their needs.


The doors are now wide open for employees to shop the insurance marketplace to find the coverage that best fits their needs.


An intelligent portal lifts the administration burden by eliminating reoccurring Human Resource tasks and simplifying the employee management process.

Interested in how an ICHRA can help your business. Let us know a few details about you and we will schedule a time to review the process.